Frequently Asked Questions

What are “seatings”?
Seatings refer to a pre-determined start and end time to a meal service at the cafe. For example, a dinner seating may be from 5:00pm - 7:00pm. If a guest has a reservation for this particular seating, then their meal begins at 5:00pm and concludes promptly at 7:00pm so we can reset the dining room for the next group of guests in the next seating time. We announce courtesy calls from the café stage at 30 minutes and 10 minutes prior to a seating’s conclusion as a way to remind guests to make one more trip through the buffet or one of our action stations on the floor. Typically, we only have seatings during Friday and Saturday Dinners, as well as special holiday events (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.)
What does “Pre-Seating” mean?
Pre-seating is a 30-minute window prior to the start of a seating time where guests are warmly invited to arrive early for their reservation and be sat at their table(s). Typically, the buffet is also open during this time as a reward to those guests who get here early and want to enjoy an extra 30 minutes of meal time.
Why do you have seatings?
We have found that our guests enjoy a more organized dining experience which is our primary objective with implementing seatings at the café. On special weekends, it’s not uncommon to feed thousands of people at the Studio Café dining area. Without an organized system, we are less likely to maximize our guests experience and minimize confusion.
Do I need a reservation for a seating?
No, but they are strongly recommended for groups of 8 or more. We always welcome walk-ins at the beginning of our seatings. To make a reservation, go to http://hbstudiocafe.com/reservations/
Where can I find more information about an upcoming special or holiday event at the Cafe?
Subscribing to The Studio Cafe email list is the best way to stay in the loop with our weekly menu updates, special event times and dates, as well as our hand-selected team of live performers for an event. To subscribe, simply go to www.hbstudiocafe.com and subscribe via the pop-up form that will appear after a few seconds. Simply follow the links in the emails to see more information about an event online. Additionally, liking our Facebook Page is another great way to stay in the loop with cafe events and specials.