We use Tock reservations to help us offer the very best experiences to our Studio Cafe Guests. Reservations can only be made ONLINE only. Once the reservation is made online, you can call in to modify it as needed with our staff. Reservations are requested, not required. For parties of 20 or more, please call and speak to the cafe manager.

Please note that an 18% gratuity is added to all parties that are 6 or more and all prepaid reservations.


Cancellation Policy

We gladly accept reservations up to 120 days in advance for all parties. If you are unable to make a reservation using our online system for a particular day, please get in touch with us directly for more details:

Call: 678-695-6278/ Online:

If your entire party arrives more than 15 minutes after your booking time without forewarning, you may lose your table to another reservation resulting in a wait. We respectfully ask that your entire party be ready to be seated at the time of your reservation. An 18% gratuity fee will be charged for parties of 6 or more.

Cancellation Policy: The restaurant’s continued viability relies on reservations being honored by our customers, and adequate notice being given for any changes or cancellations. Accordingly, the following applies:

  • A valid credit card number must be provided when making a reservation.
  • The Studio Café offers a cancellation policy for parties with less than 6 guests (s) up to 4 hours before your reservation time. For parties over 6 guest(s), The Studio Cafe reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of $20 per person for any bookings changed or canceled outside of this 4-hour notice period. The cancellation fee reflects the cost incurred by The Studio Cafe in terms of staffing, food, and any lost revenue due to turning away other potential bookings. We will not notify you if any cancellation fee is applied.
  • Where possible, The Studio Cafe team will actively manage restaurant bookings by checking attendance with the primary guests/contacts we have in our reservation system.

What to Expect:

  1. You will pay at the door (tips can be added at this time or left on the table).
  2. You will be shown to your seat by a hostess.
  3. The server will take your drink order.
  4. You will then be shown the entry point for the buffet by an attendant.
  5. Enjoy your meal and go back for seconds.

(Note: We use seatings to maximize our guests' experiences with us. See our FAQ Page for more info.)

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