Frequently Asked Questions

Are mask required in the restaurant?

  • No, masks are requested in the restaurant and on the buffet line.

What changes have you made to your process post-COVID?

  • Our employees have been thoroughly briefed about the CDC and WHO recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • We have also proactively communicated our policy that requires delivery associates not report to work if they are showing signs of flu-like illness, and to seek medical attention as necessary.  We have implemented a “return to work” protocol that applies to any associate who may potentially been exposed to the virus.
  • Social distance decals will be on the floor to the entrance of the buffet line to ensure all guest are keeping the appropriate distance.
  • The Studio Cafe Front Of House employees has been instructed to wash their hands at a minimum of every 20 minutes and change gloves.
  • All Hanna Brothers employees who handle food are serv-safe certified.
  • Each employee undergoes a daily COVID-19 team member screening, which includes a series of questions and temperature check.
  • The Front Of House and Back Of House will have an assigned team each day for daily cleaning.
  • All employees will wear a face mask while in the cafe.
  • Gloves will be at the entrance of the buffet line. We strongly encourage all customers to take precaution.
  • Hand sanitizer stations at all entrances into the cafe and buffet line.
  • Buffet utensils will be changed out every 30 minutes on the line.
  • Protective shields have been placed at the cash registers and on the buffet line.

Will the buffet still be self serve at the Café?

  • No, The Studio Cafe staff will serve plated meals to all guests on the buffet line to ensure the safety of our guests.
  • We will also have a beverage station attendant to make all drinks and/or get refills for guests.
  • We have also added prepackaged meals that can be ordered for dine in, curbside or to go service to ensure maximum safety for our guests and staff. You can find these meals here.

What are ways we can order?

  • Dine in- Make a reservation or walk in.
  • Curbside- Order from your car & we will bring it to you.
  • To-Go- Walk in or pre-order.